Human virtues -- love
by Aart Jurriaanse

Certain divine qualities exist in every human being. These are the
inherent attributes of the soul or the Inner Christ, which largely remain
hidden and dormant in the undeveloped individual. It is only after the
course of aeons, and after sufficient experience has been gained during
numerous incarnations, that the soul potentialities gradually begin to
unfold, acquiring greater dominance over the selfish and separative
inclinations of the personality.

It is a difficult task to express in words the nature of the subjective
concepts of Love and Goodwill. The finer nuances of these thoughts
will be more readily sensed by those who are already receptive and
attuned to the subjective approach, than by men and women who, as
yet, are purely intellectually focused, and who therefore have to depend
on elaborate explanations. A well balanced mental approach is none
the less regarded as essential. To those who are, however, not yet
ready to absorb these thoughts and impressions, this writing will
remain meaningless and will represent only the idle and inane
ramblings of the sentimentalist or mystic.
The outstanding characteristic of the soul is Love, finding expression in
various ways, and known under such terms as goodwill, kindness,
harmlessness, understanding, forgiveness, sacrifice, humility,
compassion, serenity, selflessness, and several more. All these are but
variations of the energy of Love, with the accent focused on one or
other of its many facets. The love which is here considered is not the
physical or sentimental quality that the man in the street would
associate with this term and which is responsible for physical attraction
between individuals, and also for the manifestation of sexual urges.
The love under discussion is that divine principle which is the driving
force underlying all evolutionary activity; it is the energy which carries
everything on to expression and completion, and it therefore also
includes that indeterminate force which urges man along till he finds
the Path, first to self-realization, and subsequently to closer synthesis
with THAT of which he forms a part.
Man, in his innocence, regards himself to be familiar with love, but
there are very few who are fully aware of the potency of this energy
which lies ready to hand, only waiting for direction and implementation
by the combined powers of the mind and heart. If correctly applied,
there literally is no limit to the possibilities of this salving and creative
energy. But ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ and man just does not
recognize the power-to-good which readily lies at his disposal. Those
who exhibit an awakening interest in the principles of the Ageless
Wisdom are willing to spend considerable effort to acquire what they
consider to be intriguing information about the after life, on initiation,
or on details about the Masters, but if they are taught to apply one of
the most effective esoteric laws by persistently living a life of loving
kindness, many will take only scant notice of this most significant
injunction, and pass it off as a mere platitude. They do not realize that
such a life, where love-energy is consciously, intelligently and correctly
directed, must inevitably lead to spiritual realization and finally to
But it is not self-liberation that really matters; as the disciple progresses
along the Path, he discovers that the helping and serving of others, of
those who are struggling along the same difficult Way with him, but
who have perhaps been temporarily retarded and are lagging somewhat
behind, is of even greater importance than his personal salvation. He
will also find that the brighter the light of love burns within his own
heart, the more light will he have at his disposal with which to irradiate
the Way for others.
All human relationships are ultimately determined by Love -- by its
absence, its presence, and most important of all by its conscious
manipulation and direction. It cannot be sufficiently stressed that not
only the disciple’s actions, but in the first place his thoughts should
consistently be guarded and guided only by love. There is no other way
to counter or eradicate pernicious and usually well entrenched habits of
hate, suspicion and criticism. Therefore persistently endeavour to see
each other only in the light of love, and in due course all negative and
detractive thoughts will fade and be superseded by goodwill.
Love is a difficult quality to cultivate and maintain, because to express
true love man’s inherent selfish nature must first be submerged. To
apply this love under all circumstances will not only mean sacrificing
many of the personality dispositions, but also practising a strong
command over the emotions.
For effective group work love is the essential requisite -- it fosters that
inclusive, non-critical and magnetic attitude which will preserve group
integrity and synthesis, and which will prevent undue personality
friction and disturbances. Where there is an absence of the uniting
energy of love, groups are doomed to failure, but when the hearts are
filled with love, and actions are guided by the highest wisdom available
to the disciple, then the man can proceed fearlessly, knowing that the
results of his work can only lead to mutual benefit. Genuine love
recognizes no barriers -- it is exemplified by deep understanding, which
ignores mistakes and negates all separating thoughts, and will surround
all fellow men with a protecting wall of love which, as far as possible,
will endeavour to relieve all need.
Much more could be written about Love, but to what avail if these
words do not reach the inner being? The gist of the subject has been
expressed -- try to absorb these thoughts and ‘take them to heart’. Do
not rush through these words, but carefully weigh the contents and
ponder on their deeper meaning and implications. The way some of
these thoughts have been expressed in words may be rather crude, but
try to reach beyond the words and to arrive at their inner significance.
Those fortunate ones who have been able to gain the deeper purport of
these thoughts, those who have discovered the first glimmerings of the
inner Light of Love, should cherish it and make every endeavour to
kindle it, till it finally flares up into a beaming light, not only sufficient
to guide the man surely and safely along his own Path, but, of much
greater importance, also to be able to supply his fellow man with Light
and Love, and thus eventually to contribute towards helping humanity
as a whole to advance on its way towards the manifestation of the
Divine Plan.

Aart Jurriaanse, wrote a number of compilations from the books of Alice A. Bailey. Among these are: Of Life and other worlds; Prophecies; Ponder on this; Serving Humanity; The Soul; The Quality of Life; and he is also the author of Bridges which is a Commentary on these teachings.   

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"Love is an active force which transforms. Love which does not act is hardly love at all. Love in action is the essence of love. It is an ability to love the world and all that is in it which is the capacity of Maitreya. The deepest desire of the heart of the One who can do that is to unify all. He looks into the world and sees 5.6 billion people: suffering, striving, competing, all the different actions, some positive, some deeply negative. He sees all of that and His urge, His deepest desire, the outflow of His spiritual heart's need, is to bring all of that together, to unify it all." Benjamin Creme, in Maitreya's Mission Vol. III



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