The endocrine glands
by Aart Jurriaanse

In the course of human evolution, and with the etheric body remaining subject
to the interplay of the many sources of energy, the seven etheric centres
automatically become activated. Whether still dormant, or in an energised
condition, they form part of the constitution of every human entity, and are
ready to fulfil their predestined function whenever animated by the demands
of the soul.

This evolution of the centres has been proceeding quietly over the ages
without any conscious effort or awareness by their beneficiaries. One of the
results of this development was that the energies radiated from these seven
centres were precipitated or 'condensed' in the physical body, culminating in
the generation of the seven major endocrine glands, each of which being
associated functionally with their corresponding etheric centres. It should be
kept in mind, however, that in addition to the seven major centres there are
also many smaller centres of subsidiary importance. These secondary centres
also have their counterparts, reflected as unobtrusive or even unknown glands
in the physical body.

The etheric centres therefore constitute the causal source of the endocrine
system, which is determined and conditioned according to the quality and
source of energy flowing through the centres. The relationship is as follows
(etheric centre related to endocrine gland):

1. Head centre Pineal gland
2. Centre between eyebrows Pituitary body and Carotid gland
3. Throat centre Thyroid and para-thyroid glands
4. Heart centre Thymus gland
5. Solar plexus centre Pancreas
6. Sacral centre Gonads
7. Base of spine centre Adrenal.

The glands react to impulses received from the centres by secreting substances or 'hormones' in the blood stream, thereby transferring the stimulus or energy to the physical system and pervading the entire physical man with its life forces. The endrocine system is therefore one of the main controlling factors in the human body, forming a direct link with the etheric energies. It is therefore one of the determinants in the general health of the individual. When the ductless glands are in perfect balance with the etheric system, and are functioning correctly, there will be no diseased areas in the body.

On the physical plane man is emotionally or mentally the product of his glandular system; his physical condition thus also depends on his psychological balance. It may therefore be said that 'a man is what his glands make him', but they, in their turn, depend on the energy centres, which are again influenced and animated by the soul. For medical science, therefore, to begin by treating the glands themselves is tantamount to treating symptoms instead of causes, which lie in the first instance within the etheric body and its
centres. The healer should therefore focus his attention primarily on the condition and reactivity of the vital body and its controlling centres.

The blood stream
The soul has two main channels through which it informs its instrument, the
physical body:

1. The Thread of Consciousness or of intelligence is anchored in the head in
the region of the pineal gland, and from that station of perception it directs the
physical plane activities by means of the brain and the nervous system.
2. The Thread of Life is anchored in the heart, where the life principle is to be
found. From this central position the life current is reticulated throughout the
body by the blood circulatory system.

But the functions of the blood stream are not limited to the carrying of life
energy; it is also the agent of the endocrine system, which is nourished by
etheric energy transmitted through the seven centres. These glands when
stimulated secrete hormones in the blood stream, which then circulates these
relatively little known elements throughout the tissues of the body.

The blood stream has additional functions, such as the circulation of oxygen
from the pulmonary organs, nutritive solutions from the digestive system, and
disposing of waste material through the kidneys. These are functions that
have already been thoroughly investigated by physiologists and which do not
directly concern the present approach.

This and previous articles may be summarized by drawing attention to the close interrelation between the etheric body as the transmitter of energy, and the several media of transmission. Energy is distributed by four principal physiological systems, each complete as a separate performer, but remaining jointly interdependent in providing the body with its co-ordinated organic life, in accordance with the point of evolution achieved and the reciprocal effect of impacting energies. The agents concerned are:

o The etheric vehicle
This is the vital body which, with its seven major centres and numerous subsidiary focal points, serves as the medium of exchange for all incoming and outgoing streams of energy. Its effectiveness lies in the fact that it is so intimately reticulated throughout the physical body, and that by means of the myriads of 'nadis' of which it is composed, every
impulse is transmitted either to or from the brain by the nervous system.

o The nervous system
This is the comparatively tangible counterpart of the etheric network which, through the instrumentality of the brain, brings the intangible inner vital energies and forces into outer expression, thus serving to condition man in accordance with the complex of outer environmental influences.

o The endocrine system
The endocrine glands may be regarded as the tangible expression of the corresponding focal centres of energy in the etheric body. The glands produce their potencies as 'hormones' which are secreted in the blood stream for reticulation throughout the physical system.

o The blood stream
This system centered in the heart is, in the first instance, the carrier of the life principle, and simultaneously also distributes the combined energies engendered or absorbed by the other bodily systems.    These four closely related but nonetheless independent agents constitute the interlocking directorate controlling the vital forces and therefore the well-being, not only of the physical but also of the emotional and mental bodies, and will
therefore affect all aspects of the co-ordinated personality. They are in fact the agents through which the three divine aspects of Life, Quality and Appearance are consistently expressed with varying degrees of success.

Aart Jurriaanse, wrote a number of compilations from the books of Alice A. Bailey. Among these are: Of Life and other worlds; Prophecies; Ponder on this; Serving Humanity; The Soul; The Quality of Life; and he is also the author of Bridges which is a Commentary on these teachings.   

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