The Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom (2)
by Aart Jurriaanse

The Christ with His adherents and disciples in the Hierarchy have
already made considerable progress with their spiritual onslaught
during recent decades — the walls of opposition, built and supported
by the Dark Forces, whose influence has for ages been dominating
human activities, are rapidly crumbling. Now is the important time,
however, when the initial success must be followed up, allowing them
no respite for rallying their forces.

For this purpose the Hierarchy relies upon the support of both their
conscious and unconscious disciples in the world of men. On all
enlightened men in the churches, political parties and the many
organizations — social, economic, educational and scientific — rests
the responsibility of presenting a united front based on the
fundamental principles of love, goodwill and service. Thus will the path
for the spiritual freedom of mankind be paved — a freedom which as
yet is but a faint dream, but which must and will be materialized if
every capable individual fulfils his indicated role.

This spiritual inspiration which is making itself felt comes through the
Hierarchy, whose function it is to provide humanity with these
energies. Humanity may therefore always rest assured of this support,
which can be invoked at all times. The Hierarchy does not, however,
concern itself with the petty daily problems and activities of the
individual — these remain the responsibility of the personality with its
free will; the interest of the Hierarchy lies with the evolution of
humanity as a whole, and is merely concerned with the individual
when he may serve as a useful instrument to promote the general
advantage. The man who, however, displays the disposition and
qualifications for altruistic service may depend upon it that these
attributes will be readily utilized for the common benefit, since an
urgent need exists for every suitable channel for transmitting
hierarchical energies to the world of men.

As at present constituted, the Hierarchy is the product of human
activity and aspiration of past ages — in other words they represent
redeemed humanity. All its members are liberated human beings, who
have endured worldly experience in all its diversity and phases; who
have lived, suffered, failed and achieved; who have numberless times
sustained the cyclic processes of death, resurrection and subsequent
rebirth. Basically these Great Ones are of a similar nature to those still
struggling in the flesh with all the temptations, urges, pleasures and
adversities of the world of emotion and desire; they are aware of all
the states of consciousness which they were able to master during the
course of aeons; they overcame these conditions while participating in
life in the physical worlds, thus guaranteeing to humanity the same
ultimate achievement. The Hierarchy therefore wears the emblem of
men sanctified by the purifying fires of daily living — they therefore
know life with all its challenges, and for that reason they exhibit such
unending understanding, patience and sympathy with those who are
still treading the mill of life. And the Leader of this community of
Spiritual Entities is the Christ, who actually was the first of earth-born
humans to attain divinity; it was the Christ who embodied for man the
great cosmic principle of Love, and who for the first time revealed to
man the nature of the Heart of God.

For millions of years the Hierarchy has been guiding the destiny of
men from etheric levels. Some of these functions may be briefly

1. The Hierarchy has been serving as a protective wall between
humanity and excessive evil emanating from cosmic sources. Without
this protection humanity would long since have been overwhelmed
and destroyed.

2. The Hierarchy works incessantly at arousing the consciousness of
all forms and its subsequent effective application.

3. The Hierarchy influences and guides the trend of human affairs by
impressing sensitive disciples with appropriate ideas, and providing
the needed revelations. In this way it directs world events, but always
with due consideration for man’s free will which is never slighted.

4. The Hierarchy is the controlling influence behind unfolding cyclic
cultures and civilizations, which provide the necessary forms and
experiences for the evolving souls of men.

5. The Hierarchy acts as the transforming agency for the Will and
Love of God, radiated from Shamballa. These potent energies must
be moderated before being transmitted to humanity and the lower

6. The Hierarchy is also the agency used by the Lord of the World for
eliminating redundant or inadequate cycles, civilizations or political
regimes, by applying the ‘Fire of God’, thus opening the way for the
improved systems which evolving Life demands.

7. The Hierarchy trains disciples for initiation:

(a) by including them in a Master’s group;

(b) by providing them with opportunities for serving the Plan in
accordance with their attributes and the circumstances where destiny
has placed them;

(c) by furnishing training facilities appropriate to the demands of that
specific period. In each major evolutionary cycle, particular aspects of
human development receive special attention, and are accentuated in
the instruction of disciples.

This summary only reflects a few of the varied activities for which the
Hierarchy is responsible and which, as far as the ordinary man is
concerned, is proceeding inconspicuously ‘behind the veil’.
The Hierarchy in reality is a great salvaging corps of dedicated,
liberated ‘Units of Life’, working in group formation with all life, in all
kingdoms — this entails much more than can be envisaged by man,
because there are so many invisible and intangible forms of creation,
playing an active role in nature, but of which man remains blissfully
unaware. The Hierarchy largely concentrates its energies on the
consciousness aspect of all forms, and it is at present emphasizing
the development of the mental life of man, according special attention
to the aspirants and disciples serving as their channels of expression.
The Hierarchy also avails itself of etheric thought currents, placing
ideas and thoughts in the ‘ether’, and thus imposing hierarchical
concepts on the more receptive minds of the general public. By similar
means basic educational influences are inducted into the minds of the
undeveloped masses of nations who thus, in the course of time, will
become the more intelligent general public.

The Forces of Evil are constantly on the alert for opportunities of
deviating humanity from its path towards the Light, but the Hierarchy
remains persistently on guard, warding off the worst attacks which
otherwise might prove fatal. On the other hand it remains hierarchical
policy not to avert all negative forces, since that would rob humanity of
the opportunity of exerting its free will, of gaining experience, and
building its own inner strength by developing personal resistance. Had
it not been for this partial protection, humanity would long since have
been overcome by these forces of evil.

Aart Jurriaanse, wrote a number of compilations from the books of Alice A. Bailey. Among these are: Of Life and other worlds; Prophecies; Ponder on this; Serving Humanity; The Soul; The Quality of Life; and he is also the author of Bridges which is a Commentary on these teachings.   

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"Love is an active force which transforms. Love which does not act is hardly love at all. Love in action is the essence of love." Benjamin Creme, in Maitreya's Mission Vol. III



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