The Masters Hilarion and Djwhal Khul
by Aart Jurrianse

The Master Hilarion (H) is already very well known in the Christian world as Paul of Tarsus or St Paul, the author of a large part of the New Testament. In more modern times he has also been responsible for a small treatise well received in esoteric circles — Light on the Path. He is also the Master stimulating all psychic research groups, and it was through him and his pupils that the Spiritualistic Movement was initiated.

Master H assists those endeavouring to develop the intuition, and also those trying to penetrate the etheric web in order to serve their fellow men. He will, however, not be concerned with those purely interested in psychic phenomena for the sake of sensation and its emotional effects. Neither will he help those who seek material or selfish advantage by contacting the astral images of those who have passed over — these individuals are literally playing with fire! He will, however, assist psychics of higher order, who seek to develop their faculties on behalf of their group or the world at large, to obtain those messages and pictures from the etheric world that will serve some constructive purpose. Such contacts with those on higher etheric levels may actually prove of considerable benefit to mankind, and will certainly contribute to dissipating the fear of death.

Master Hilarion is also relieving the Master Jesus by taking over the training of many of the Sixth Ray disciples, thus enabling Master J to concentrate on his major work concerned with world religion.

Master H works with the Fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science. In physical form he has a Cretan body, although much of his time is also spent in Egypt and America, where several aspects of his work are focused. A Master may avail himself of a physical cloak for particular purposes or ready contact with his disciples, but his influence will certainly not remain limited to the geographic region where he normally operates in his assumed body. Although he works through this visible and tangible channel, he may, whenever required, instantly transfer both his abstract mind and his vehicle of expression, through etheric channels, to function immediately anywhere else in the world where his attention or presence may be needed. This is a procedure closely paralleling telepathic communication. Thus, although Master H might be physically focused in Egypt, he could be of instant assistance to a disciple or group, in whatever other country they might find themselves.

Master Hilarion is also responsible for inspiring many of the modern scientific ‘discoveries’ which are making science and mankind aware of the etheric worlds. The veils which for aeons have obscured the vision of many outstanding thinkers and scientists are now at long last rapidly being torn away, thus opening up vast new fields of investigation.

Master Djwhal Khul (DK)

The last of the Masters to be dealt with here is DK, often affectionately referred to by his disciples as "The Tibetan". He is one of the ‘youngest’ of the Masters, only having attained his qualifying fifth initiation as recently as 1875. In human reckoning a century is considerably more than an average span of life, but with immortal entities, no longer limited by transitory material conditions, man’s concept of time falls away, and the accent is merely placed on the sequence of events and their relative importance in the unfoldment of the Plan. At any rate, in hierarchical terms DK is still one of the younger Masters but, as far as can be judged, he appears to be one of the very active members. This impression is probably gained because his activities are so closely concerned with human unfoldment in general, and more particularly with a number of disciples at present in incarnation. There must obviously be many other hard-working Masters, but whose interests are focused in other directions, and whose functions consequently do not immediately strike human attention.

He acquired the epithet of ‘The Tibetan’, because at the time of his fifth initiation he was a Tibetan abbot, which is the form he still assumes whenever there is occasion for his physical manifestation.

DK functions on the Second Ray of Love-Wisdom — the teaching Ray — under the direction and inspiration of KH, whom he still regards as his Master, although the Tibetan in his own right is already in full charge of his own group. As mentioned in a previous article, DK has taken over the training of a number of disciples from both Koot Hoomi and Morya, to relieve them for more important work.

One of the Tibetan’s first major tasks as a teacher of humanity was to inspire and guide Mme H.P. Blavatsky, nearly a century ago, with the writing of that outstanding esoteric work, The Secret Doctrine, which subsequently formed the basis of the Theosophic Movement.

In 1919 he approached Alice A. Bailey (AAB) and persuaded her to act as his amanuensis, for releasing to the world a later phase of his teachings. In the course of the following 30 years she put to paper, from his telepathic dictation, 18 volumes, containing nearly 10,000 pages of text. Shortly after having completed this valuable series, AAB passed on, in 1949.

This set of books by AAB must be considered as the most comprehensive treatise on the Ageless Wisdom at present available to man, and it actually contains so much knowledge and wisdom, and of such profound nature, that no ordinary student can fully absorb and appreciate all they contain. Thus only dedicated students can effectively tackle these works, each individual extracting as much as his particular stage of development will allow. What is so fascinating about these books is that they provide a progressive source of revelation for the ever expanding consciousness; although they contain a great deal of abstract and abstruse information, only completely understandable by a third-degree initiate, they also contain much that will be of assistance to the aspirant in his search for Truth. These teachings which DK has put at the disposal of humanity have in fact been produced on behalf of an inner hierarchical educational group of Masters for whom the Tibetan is acting as executive secretary.

Blavatsky’s work (1875-90) may be regarded as the first phase of DK’s teachings, and the Bailey Books (1919-49) as the second phase. According to his plans, a third and final phase will be produced by an initiate who will again be working under the Tibetan’s impression.

As will be apparent from the work produced by these secretaries, working under his telepathic impression, the Tibetan must himself be a very profound student. But apart from these academic achievements, he is also deeply interested in practical healing and, unknown and unseen, he will often stand behind doctors, surgeons and dedicated men of research in their laboratories, impressing their minds with new ideas and clearer vision, or guiding their hands with the skilful handling of the scalpel. This healing work, bringing relief and solace to large numbers who are daily suffering physical, emotional and mental agony, is constantly engaging his attention. In addition he is also concerned with world-wide philanthropic movements, such as the Red Cross and other welfare groups caring for the needy. He thus supports all those who seek to heal, to relieve pain and suffering, and also those who work towards goodwill and improved human relationships.

Aart Jurriaanse, wrote a number of compilations from the books of Alice A. Bailey. Among these are: Of Life and other worlds; Prophecies; Ponder on this; Serving Humanity; The Soul; The Quality of Life; and he is also the author of Bridges which is a Commentary on these teachings.   

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"Love is an active force which transforms. Love which does not act is hardly love at all. Love in action is the essence of love. It is an ability to love the world and all that is in it which is the capacity of Maitreya. The deepest desire of the heart of the One who can do that is to unify all. He looks into the world and sees 5.6 billion people: suffering, striving, competing, all the different actions, some positive, some deeply negative. He sees all of that and His urge, His deepest desire, the outflow of His spiritual heart's need, is to bring all of that together, to unify it all." Benjamin Creme, in Maitreya's Mission Vol. III


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