White & black magic
by Aart Jurriaanse

The art of the esotericist is to become a 'white magician', that is, to avail himself of the unseen energies and forces of the spiritual universe and, by means of the creative powers of the soul, to bring these energies down to Earth in some desired material form. It is therefore the bringing together of Spirit and Matter under controlled and harmonious conditions, and in accordance with the laws of nature. As far as man is concerned, this means increasing the inner vibration, which is displayed as expanding consciousness, rising progressively from physical and self-consciousness, to emotional, mental, egoic and finally spiritual consciousness. When spiritual consciousness is attained the physical sheaths are rejected, or in other words there will be no further need for the soul to reincarnate.

The white magician further concerns himself with the intelligent interpretation of all that relates to nature and, with the cooperation of these forces, he achieves the objectives of the divine Plan to the extent that its outlines can be discerned by him.

The ideal of the esoteric student should therefore be to produce organized creative work by utilizing subjective energies according to the laws of nature. If this is to be achieved, one of the first essentials is to cultivate emotional stability. This cannot be attained by an effort of will, but solely by submitting the personality to the dictates of the soul, thereby overcoming astral domination. The work of the white magician will include all that is conducive to the expansion of consciousness, and to increased sensitivity to impression; it will comprise all that tends to dissolve and remove that separating veil which hides the etheric world from those who are temporarily held within the physical body; all that will promote the production of better vehicles through which the Christ- principle or the soul can express itself.

The Hierarchy of Masters is the guiding force or source of inspiration for the manifestation of white magic on the physical plane. As the opposite pole to the Dark Forces, the Hierarchy is also referred to as the Great White Lodge. The members of both the White and Black Lodges use man as their instruments for manipulating their powers. Both these groups avail themselves of the same energies and forces, but these powers are applied from a totally different point of approach and with diametrically opposed motives.

The average man as a rule is unaware that the broad area covered by modern education, and the progressive and sometimes fantastic new scientific discoveries made over a very wide area of research, may be associated with the breaking down of the existing barriers between humanity and the subjective world. There are, for instance, the rapid strides which have been made in the various systems of communication, such as the development of radio and television; telepathy is in process of receiving scientific acknowledgement and is now being seriously investigated; the prophecies of the Tibetan with regard to the discovery by science of the etheric world have at last come true, and there is an increasing awareness not only of the existence of the vital surround of every form, but also of the predominating role this vital body fulfils in all of creation.

Great changes in man's attitude towards the hidden worlds must be expected during the coming years, and this should in the first instance become apparent in psychological expression - this whole science will become revolutionized to play a far more important role in human enterprise. All these developments must be seen as manifestations of white magic, which is destined to be emphasized by the incoming Seventh Ray - the Ray of the Magician - which Ray will dominate life on Earth for the next several centuries.


The Supreme Being is man's ultimate Source of Light. In its pristine form this Light would, however, be of such potency and brilliance that all on Earth would be consumed by it. Its power is consequently reduced by stepping it down through various celestial Entities, until it reaches our Solar Deity, who supplies the Lord of the World with that much of the Light as is required for the Earth's evolutionary development. This Light is then adapted by the Hierarchy, serving as man's immediate Source of Light, for final transmission by him to the rest of nature.


The men of goodwill, by reacting to the needs of humanity, demonstrate their responsiveness to the Forces of Light, and they may thus also be regarded as reflections of this Light and its energy - the will-to-good. This energy is consistently being radiated to man, influencing the minds of the New Group of World Servers and of all selfless workers for humanity. The minds of the selfish, self- centered and separative individuals, however, remain sealed to many of the beneficial qualities of this Light. This will also prove to be the case with those whose reasoning has been crystallized by dogma and doctrine - whether of political, social, scientific or religious nature. Little can therefore be done for those whose vision and minds are limited to their own personal requirements, to their immediate environment, or who are vested in sectional interests instead of working on behalf of mankind as a whole.

Aart Jurriaanse, a South African author, has written a number of compilations from the books of Alice A. Bailey. Among these are: Of Life and other worlds; Prophecies; Ponder on this; Serving Humanity; The Soul; and The Quality of Life.   He is also the author of Bridges which is a Commentary on these teachings.  

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