by Aart Jurriaanse
In preceding articles the constitution of the human being has been
dealt with, to arrive at a better understanding of the Personality-Soul-Monad
complex. Care should be taken, however, not to over-accentuate
the importance of the human being as an individual, ever
keeping in mind his relative position as a part of a more inclusive
whole. The individual will always retain his significance, but this must
be seen in relation to his contribution towards promoting the interests
of his group, community, race, and finally to the culminating whole —
Of the seven kingdoms of nature, the Human Kingdom occupies the
fourth or middle position, thus fulfilling a most important and
responsible role by relating the lower to the higher kingdoms, and
serving as a channel for the transmission of energies from the three
spiritual kingdoms to the lower three in material expression. Humanity
may be regarded as the macrocosm to the microcosm of the sub-human
kingdoms. As humanity evolves, a corresponding illumination
is generated, and this increased light is then reflected to the lower
kingdoms. For instance, through selection and breeding activities,
man develops new strains in both the plant and animal worlds, thus
bringing increased quality, beauty and effectiveness into expression
and lifting these kingdoms another small step in their evolutionary
progress. Similarly in the mineral kingdom the basic metals are
extracted and released from ancient bonds by subjecting the natural
ores to the purifying energies of fire and electricity.
Humanity is not only the spiritual light bearer, transmitting and
transmuting the light of knowledge and wisdom, but it also serves as
the literal and physical light bearer, increasingly illuminating our planet
during the hours of darkness. Think of the brilliantly lit cities, of the
search and spray lights at night brightening recreational terrains and
airfields, of the motor traffic lighting up the highways, of the brightly lit
ships at sea, and of the flashing aircraft streaking through the night
Although a tendency towards closer collaboration between groups
and nations is already noticeable throughout the world, the stage when
the various human elements could function effectively as a
synthesized unit is still far from realization. Broadly speaking,
humanity may be divided into three main groups with regard to their
potential contribution towards eventual unification:
1. The vast majority, who are neither good nor bad, but who plod
through life without thinking, and are largely guided by their desires
and emotions. They are unconsciously submerged in the evolutionary
tide and, although unaware of it, are working towards true self-consciousness.
In the course of time this group will acquire increased
light and will then be merged with the third group who have already
entered the ‘Path of Return’.
2. A few are really evil, and consciously work for the Dark Powers.
They exert a potent influence in the world, beyond all proportion to
their numbers. Their power and dominance will eventually, however,
be overwhelmed by the opposing Forces of Light and the universal
Law of Love.
3. A number have discovered the ‘Path of Return’ and are the
exponents of New Age ideas. This group is breaking away from the
selfish approach to life, turning thoughts and activities towards selfless
and altruistic living and improved human relations. The majority of
these aspirants are characterized by reasonable intelligence, and are
encountered all over the world and in every field of human endeavour.
Many types
Humanity comprises many races, nations, colours and languages, the
intelligent and the unintelligent, the spiritually developed and those
who are more animal than man. Between these extremes are found
many types at every stage of development. Yet they are all sons of
men, belonging to the One Humanity towards a common destiny.
Within this complex, one will progress much faster than his neighbour,
but that only means that he is increasing his responsibility and that
symbolically he should link arms with those he is outstripping, thus
drawing and lifting them along with himself.
The consciousness of man is rapidly awakening, and with their eyes
focused on newly revealed visions men are clamouring for spiritual
guidance. It is one of the urgent tasks of the Hierarchy of Masters of
Wisdom to respond to these invocative demands.
Over the ages man has progressively evolved from the animal stage,
activated only by instinctive self-preservation and the urges of
propagation, through the state of concern for family or immediately
surrounding group, to a feeling for tribal or national coherence, and
eventually to the point where he is becoming aware of his
responsibilities towards the whole of mankind. He begins to realize
that he is a member of the One Humanity — a vital structure
characterized by the variety and quality of its constituent organs and
cells, still functioning as a diffused power, but none the less a force
centre in the manifested vehicle of our Planetary Logos.

Aart Jurriaanse, wrote a number of compilations from the books of Alice A. Bailey. Among these are: Of Life and other worlds; Prophecies; Ponder on this; Serving Humanity; The Soul; The Quality of Life; and he is also the author of Bridges which is a Commentary on these teachings.   

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"To wash one's hands of the struggle between the poor and rich is not to be
neutral. It is to side with the rich."    (Brazilian educator Paulo Freire)



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