Human virtues -- Goodwill (2)
by Aart Jurriaanse

Goodwill is man’s attempt to express the Love of God, which will
eventually result in peace on Earth. One of the snags in its practical
application lies in the actual simplicity of its principles -- people
consequently fail to appreciate its potency and dynamic possibilities.
The only way, however, for mankind to establish good human
relations, and finally peace, is through the application of the principles
of goodwill. It is an attitude which should therefore be deliberately
cultivated, thereby establishing its principles in the consciousness of
the masses. The inner good is already present in every human being,
but as a rule it is smothered by evil influences, materialism and selfish
desire. A great deal can, however, be achieved by proper education
and training, and the best place to start is with the younger generation.
From the earliest stages our youth should be made aware of the power
of love and goodwill and that much more can be attained by the use of
these energies for the manifestation of a better life on Earth, than by
applying the forces of hate, greed, envy and intolerance.

The Law of Cause and Effect should be stressed and its effects
demonstrated to the younger people. They should be taught that life
ever repays in the same coin which it receives, and therefore that when
love and goodwill are offered to your fellow man these are the energies
which in the end will be returned to you -- and what is even more
important, it will not only be repaid with interest, but will also be
passed on along the line to the next man.
Some apparent exceptions will occur, such as for instance the initial
negative reactions by those who are still unprepared, who have in their
lives encountered nothing but hate and frustration, and who have rarely
if ever experienced real love; however, with perseverance even the
most hardened cases will begin to react, and will gradually recognize
the possibilities and wonders of goodwill. Even the most perverted
‘sinner’ has that tender inner core which can be exposed with correct
treatment, and which once revealed can be worked upon and
influenced to the good. It must constantly be stressed, till man
eventually learns and consciously concedes that “hatred ceases not by
hatred, but that hatred ceaseth by love” -- by love expressed as
practical goodwill.
It is not so much that human nature has to be changed, but rather that
the good that is always present must be uncovered; the hard layers of
the dark outer appearance must be softened and penetrated, and the
inner centre, the heart of love, must be exposed. This must and will
finally be achieved, so why not begin with it right now and thus share
in the advantages which will inevitably accrue. What a wonderful new
world we can and are going to create; a world in which it will be a
pleasure to live -- for each and every individual; a world of peace,
without hate, constant fighting and starvation; a world of goodwill, love
and harmonious human relations; a world of plenty, where everything
will be shared and where the work that is done will not be for selfish
acquisition, but a work of joy for serving fellow human beings, and
contributing one’s small share towards expressing the Divine Plan. All
this real ‘Heaven on Earth’ is there for the taking, if man could but
open his eyes and begin to identify himself with the forces that are at
his disposal, by appropriating and applying the energies of Love and
When men and women can meet in a spirit of goodwill, no matter what
their political affiliation, religion or nation, there is no single problem
that cannot be solved to mutual benefit and satisfaction. They must
only be inspired with the divine energy of the will-to-good, and this
energy is today far more widespread than is realized. It is only for the
infused men and women to take the initiative, and to discover and
reveal this quality in others, and then to train and guide these forces
and bring them to effective action. No problems of any nature can in
the long run withstand the pervasive effects of goodwill when suitably
organized and expressed with loving discrimination and steadfastness.
A call
The Hierarchy calls all men to end their lives of vague dreaming, and to
come to the practical assistance of humanity by commencing in the
place and circumstances to which they have been assigned by the
decrees of life, by demonstrating the potentials of love and goodwill in
their own immediate surroundings, in their own homes and social
circles. This task should then be extended systematically to include the
community and the nation, until ultimately it must also affect
international relations. In this work the efforts of each and every
individual is needed and will prove effective, acting cumulatively, until
with the course of time all opposing forces must inevitably be
overwhelmed by an ever growing and irresistible tidal wave of
goodwill. This dynamic power, when trained to arouse the potency of
public opinion, demanding the greatest good for the greatest number,
must and will carry everything before it, to save humanity and to
prepare a better world for posterity.
It is realized that the whole world certainly cannot be suddenly
converted to such a new approach in the course of a few years, but this
ideal has already taken hold of the imagination of certain important
sections of world opinion, and it will not take many decades from now
before these principles will be accorded world-wide recognition.
Meanwhile let every man and woman of goodwill lend his active
support towards investing the existing World Goodwill movement with
new life and energy, thus enabling it to become more practical and
dynamic, and with loving understanding to shape it into a useful
instrument in the hands of the Hierarchy, by means of which improved
human relations may then be encompassed on all levels. Once greater
enthusiasm for this movement has been engendered, it is bound to
gather rapid momentum and to show world-wide effects. Here lies a
wonderful field of service for many of those enthusiastic disciples who
so often are on the lookout for some sphere of work in which their
energies may be expressed on behalf of humanity.
A considerable amount of work has already been accomplished in
contacting the men of goodwill in every country. This should be
followed up on a broader basis so as to include an ever larger
percentage of the men of goodwill who are available. When this latent
force, with its enormous potentialities, begins to assert itself by being
swung into concerted, intelligent and well considered activity, it will
rapidly lead to a closer synthesis of all nations and races, to unite them
finally into the One Humanity.
Every care should, however, be exercised that the World Goodwill
movement must at no stage be brought under suspicion of promoting or
supporting any specific political faction, and even more particularly
where such parties tend toward opposing or undermining the
government in authority. Goodwill does not function through
partisanship and attack, but through intelligent reasoning,
understanding and collaboration, and by systematically applying these
principles all opposition must and will be demolished.
To summarize, it might be stated that the objectives of World Goodwill
should be:
(a) To inculcate the principles of goodwill in the minds of the leaders in
all areas of human activity.
(b) To educate the youth of the world in these thoughts.
(c) To infuse public opinion, or the masses, with these basic principles.
It should be remembered, however, that it is only the Law of Love,
translated and expressed as Goodwill, which, when applied with
discrimination and loving understanding, will lead to these improved
human relations.
Let every disciple therefore contribute his share according to his
particular circumstances, to get this terrific force of goodwill into
Goodwill is contagious and nothing will be able to stop its momentum --
this is how the New Era could be inaugurated, an era which will
ensure prosperity, world unity, peace and plenty for all.

Aart Jurriaanse, wrote a number of compilations from the books of Alice A. Bailey. Among these are: Of Life and other worlds; Prophecies; Ponder on this; Serving Humanity; The Soul; The Quality of Life; and he is also the author of Bridges which is a Commentary on these teachings.   

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"The future will see right relationships, true communion, a sharing of all things  (wine, the blood, the life and bread, economic satisfaction) and goodwill; we have  also a picture of the future of humanity when all nations are united in complete  understanding and the diversity of languages - symbolic of differing traditions,  cultures, civilizations and points of view - will provide no barrier to right  human relations..." 
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