Expansion of Consciousness
by Aart Jurriaanse

Once man becomes consciously aware of the subjective forces at his
disposal he will, depending on the strength and clarity of this realisation,
adjust his activities to conform with the recognised forces, thus consciously
redirecting his feet onto the "Path of Return". One of the functions of certain
members of the Hierarchy is to assist humanity to raise its consciousness to
the mental plane, thus to include not only the world of emotion and feeling,
but also that of the intellect.

With the entering of the Path of Return, man will be experiencing a phase
of never ending expansion of consciousness. As is to be expected, cyclic
fluctuations will occur, but there will nevertheless be a steady tendency to
move towards ever increasing Light. The rate of progress will be determined
by the extent to which the aspirant succeeds in transmitting the lessons
experienced on inner planes into practical knowledge, which when combined
with Love will subsequently be commuted into wisdom.

Expansion of consciousness means the opening of new vistas of work to
be done, of service to be rendered and of objectives to be attained, with such
targets taking on ever clearer shape in the mind's eye. This also entails
increasing sensitivity to higher vibrations, awareness of the inner voice, and
of impressions from hierarchical sources.

All unfoldment of consciousness is founded on experience in both the
material and spiritual worlds. Such experience and consequent unfoldment,
also means corresponding and progressive changes in points of view, of
values, and of consequent new approaches to life, and will in turn lead to
fresh terrains of experience. Man therefore never remains static and continues
in a constant state of readjustment and adaptation to both new circumstances
and an ever-changing state of mind, progressing step by step to an ever
clearer discernment of Universal Truth.

Every phase of expansion of consciousness implies an increased capacity
and scope of service, and is therefore simultaneously attended with growing
responsibilities. For the server to acquit himself adequately of these added
obligations, will require a corresponding degree of stability and poise. Before
such extended consciousness is granted, however, the incumbent is first of all
subjected to severe tests to determine whether he is ready for these increased
demands. These conscious or unconscious trials will also result in changing
interests and outlook, and therefore to a fresh approach to life and its many
problems. Yes, a life that is really worthwhile is attended by never ending
changes and adaptations, new activities, performances and attitudes of mind,
culminating in turn in ever expanding phases of consciousness.


The mind of the awakening and sensitive worker thus responds to a
constant succession of vibratory impacts emanating from a varying range of
sources or activities. Spiritual growth is consequently determined by impact
of new truths or mental concepts, and the art of their recognition and
assimilation. When accumulating recognitions of inner realities terminate in a
major expansion of consciousness, this will in turn provide the key to
initiation into higher spheres of activity. The secret of the evolutionary
process therefore lies in developing a sensitive apparatus for registering these
radiations and impulses and of becoming intelligently and actively aware of
their presence and potentialities.

In our approach to these studies the basic principle to be kept in mind is
that the ordinary man's perceptive faculties are apparently solely dependent
on what can be registered through his five senses, and that these senses are as
a rule limited to relatively narrow range of vibrations. Actually we are,
however, constantly surrounded by "All that IS", by the subjective worlds,
and therefore also the Kingdom of God, which has always been present on
Earth but which we have failed to recognize while our myopic vision has been
concentrated upon the foreground of life, merely allowing us to be aware of
that which is material and emotional, and to a varying degree to that which is
mental. It will be found, however, that the more subtle phenomena will
progressively become more clearly distinguished and recognised at a rate
corresponding with the degree to which perception and sensitivity are
developed. Apparently, the supernal worlds of energy and of Being are even
more real and discernible by the more highly developed Beings in the spiritual
realms, than the nature of the objective world is to the average man on Earth
who still largely remains dependent on his senses. It is, therefore, a question
of growth in sensitive awareness and a corresponding expansion of
consciousness. This capacity of increased recognition seems embryonic in
every man, only needing awakening and stimulation for its subsequent
unfoldment. This stimulation of the innate sensitivity with regard to the
subjective realms will, however, be dependent on an inner urge and the
exertion of personal effort.

In due course the ever expanding consciousness will lead to the realisation
of the relativity of man's concepts of the Truth. That which today is accepted
as fundamental may with growing perception and after acquiring deeper
knowledge and understanding as well as further experience and a more
comprehensive grasp of circumstances and apparent facts, eventually prove to
be either deceptive or merely aspects of greater truths. These changing values
are bound to continue attended by ever widening and more comprehensive
and inclusive awareness, with the Soul gaining correspondingly in dominance
over its vehicles of expression.

When man reaches the stage where he succeeds in penetrating the etheric
veil which normally effectively separates the physical personality from the
subjective spheres, he gains what is known as "continuity of consciousness".
Once this dividing screen has been ruptured, this will allow free access to the
higher etheric planes. Continuity of consciousness is the gift of retaining a
comprehensive recollection of both the inner and outer life, with the power of
preserving full awareness of every sphere of activity, whether substantial or
subjective, and whether occurring while awake or during the hours of so-called
sleep. For this purpose enhanced sentiency, linked with telepathic
interplay, will have to be developed.


As far as health conditions are concerned it may be regarded that disease
is largely the effect of the point of focus of life energy, which is directed
either instinctively or deliberately by the conscious mind. This energy
becomes automatically concentrated in that area of which the individual is
predominantly aware, whether located in the physical, emotional or mental
plane. So many ailments may in fact be directly or indirectly ascribed to
unfavourable emotional or mental conditions, reacting negatively to energies
and circumstances. One should specially be on guard against such harmful
attributes as hatred, envy, jealousy, morbidity, frustrations and self-pity,
which are constantly inclined to exert their adverse influence.

Only man disposes of Self-consciousness and free will, and can therefore
be held responsible for his activities. Minerals, plants and even animals to a
large extent lack memory, and therefore do not suffer from anticipation. With
the human being it is memory and its correlation with past experience, which
leads to presentiment and is responsible for so many unnecessary fears and
the resulting unwarranted misery, pain and distress.

The time will arrive when the present general fear of death will largely be
dissipated with the growing recognition that as far as the inner life, the life of
the Soul, is concerned there is no death, and that after withdrawal from its
physical vehicle life persists with complete retention of consciousness. For
those whose minds are still unevolved, this consciousness remains relatively
unawakened, and for them death means the entering of a period of sleep and
unawareness. The average well meaning individual, still mainly focussed in
the desire life, will continue at his particular level of consciousness, with this
difference that during the time of his residence in the etheric spheres he will
temporarily be rid of the urges stimulated by his physical senses. For the
reasonably evolved aspirant the doors will be opened to new spheres of
activity. He will retain his complete consciousness, but no longer being
restricted by physical limitations, he will now be provided with fresh
opportunities for serving humanity.

Astral realms

Instances will occur, however, where those who have passed over into the
astral realms, will remain under the illusion that they still retain control of the
senses. Many vicious, depraved, evil and immoral individuals will stay
"earthbound", not realising that they have passed over, and astrally remaining
closely linked with their nefarious or cruel corporeal activities, but feeling
frustrated with their apparent impotence.

When race consciousness can be transferred from the purely physical and
emotional concepts to the mental plane, many of the present world problems
will have a far better opportunity of solution, because race relations will then
progressively become founded on improved knowledge, on love,
understanding and mutual respect and sacrifice. It stands to reason, however,
that before this can be effected the masses must be better informed and
educated with regard to the fundamental nature of man, his duality and the
latent powers at his disposal. These are the powers which when correctly
applied will eventually release him from his present bonds, and will generate
a collective urge towards closer collaboration.

Once man comes to the recognition that we are all fragments of the One Universal Mind and therefore all spiritual brothers and self-consciousunits on the same evolutionary path, only differing somewhat in the stage of development achieved, and that we are merely availing ourselves of varying types of physical vehicles, then the portals of the New Age will be thrown open and politics, economics, government and social relationships
will rapidly be readjusted.

At present these ideals may seem far-fetched, but changed attitudes are
already setting in and are swiftly gaining ground. Furthermore, the
reappearance of the World Teacher, the Christ, may apparently be expected
within the relatively near future, and once this memorable day has dawned
and He has succeeded in effectively focussing the worldwide spirit of human
goodwill, it will prove that He is wielding a wave of power which in a
comparatively short time will inundate the whole world, overwhelming the
negative forces of evil.

Many dedicated aspirants have actively become aware of their
Consciousness and to a theoretic realisation of the kingdom of the Soul,
perhaps gaining occasional glimpses of Light from that Supernal Source. So
often the true and deeper aspects of consciousness are, however, still
escaping fulfilment, and the objective, therefore, should be to achieve such
identification and integration with the Soul, that consciousness of all else will
progressively fade into the background.

Aart Jurriaanse, wrote a number of compilations from the books of Alice A. Bailey. Among these are: Of Life and other worlds; Prophecies; Ponder on this; Serving Humanity; The Soul; The Quality of Life; and he is also the author of Bridges which is a Commentary on these teachings.   

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"The future will see right relationships, true communion, a sharing of all things  (wine, the blood, the life and bread, economic satisfaction) and goodwill; we have  also a picture of the future of humanity when all nations are united in complete  understanding and the diversity of languages - symbolic of differing traditions,  cultures, civilizations and points of view - will provide no barrier to right  human relations..." 
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