Devas and elementals
by Aart Jurriaanse

Devas and elementals constitute a separate evolution from that of
the human being. All evolutions or involutions are, however,
intimately integrated, and together compose the body of the
Planetary Logos. Each of these vast systems is independently
controlled by Hierarchies functioning on parallel levels and status.
The intention is not to make a close study of these other vast
fields of expression, but the esoteric student should at least be
aware of these related evolutions, with a general idea of how they
are related to and affect our own immediate system.

Elementals - The elementals are sub-human forms which have
not yet reached the evolutionary stage. They are in fact still in
process of involution, on the downward arc - the stage where
spirit is still being involved in matter. Evolution, in contrast,
denotes the upward gradient, where that which has been created
evolves, or is being transmuted into forms on higher levels of
development, and thus refers to the ascent or return of Spirit to its
Source, carrying with it the gains in experience of passing through

Elementals are etheric forms of being, occurring on all planes, and
which have traditionally been known as gnomes, brownies and

They may also be classified as:
1. Earth or Physical Elementals
2. Air or Etheric Elementals
3. Water or Astral Elementals
4. Fire or Mental Elementals.

These elementals are the essence or primordial phase of all
creation in both our Solar System and the Universe.
Within certain limits these elemental forces may be controlled or
guided by man. They can as a rule be harnessed by particular rites
and rituals, but this is an entirely separate study, and the
uninformed are warned that it is definitely undesirable to meddle
with these matters unless thoroughly understood. The present
purpose is merely to point to the existence of these forces.

With more advanced spiritual development the disciple will acquire
knowledge and proficiency, based on the laws of nature, enabling
him to co-operate successfully with the involutionary realms, and
thereby also to promote the evolutionary processes.

Devas - In contrast to the elementals, the devas are already on
the evolutionary path. They are the builders of the material
system, in which they work in their myriads in 'serried ranks', and
where they are grouped into many grades.

Devas of every status are to be found, somewhat paralleling those
of the human evolution, and grading from ranks comparable to
that of a Planetary Logos, through the many intermediate
hierarchical grades down to the lesser ranks of the building devas,
who work unconsciously and automatically in large groups,
building the many forms known to human evolution. These lower
groups are guided only by vibration and sound.

The devas avail themselves of the elemental forces, and the deva
builders control these blindly working forces to perform their
involutionary functions. The devas in their constructive work
produce cohesion, harmony and beauty out of elemental chaos.
The lower strata of the devas, the practical builders, comparatively
speaking, vary from the unthinking, automatically working
labourers, rising progressively until the foreman quality is
encountered, then the supervisor, eventually arriving at the
controllers, the industrial executives or 'Great Building Devas',
who are on a comparable level with the Masters of Wisdom.
On the physical plane man is, mostly unconsciously, in daily and
constant contact with the deva world. All matter, and every
physical form, whether mineral, vegetable, animal or human, is
constituted of the vital substance of the many lesser ranks of deva
entities, and these are held together by a higher ranking deva
providing the coherence of form to the object. Thus every crystal,
drop of water, and every plant or animal, has its own controlling

The Dark Forces have also acquired the technique of handling the
elementals or involutionary forces, and pervert these unwitting
lesser forms of life to their evil and selfish purposes. For man the
correct procedure, as practised by the Masters, is not to attempt
direct control over the elementals and lower grade devas, but
rather to effect such control through co-operation with their senior
ranks, such as the deva Lords or Angels. It is therefore not for
man to control the deva world, but to collaborate with them by
intelligent and loving understanding of their functions.

Adepts have been taught the art of calling specific devas or
elementals to serve their purpose, by the use of mantrams. By a
mantram is understood arranging words or syllables in some
rhythmic order, which when thus sounded will generate the
desired vibrations. These vibrations may then serve as a call-note
for the required devas or elementals. Such powers will be
accorded to the disciple when he is ready for their use, and when
his work demands it. Danger is, however, definitely provoked
when the lesser devas and forces are called by the unqualified in
attempts to further selfish ambitions.

As man is the custodian of the mental principle, so the deva
evolution is the custodian of the life principle, and therefore also
magnetism and vitality - those qualities playing such an important
role in the three worlds of human manifestation. For their mutual
benefit close co-operation is essential between these two
evolutions, neither of which can develop effectively without the
support of the other and, as far as the form is concerned, they are
actually indispensable partners. On the other hand, man should
increasingly orient himself towards spiritual relationships, thus
striving to evolve away from dependence on form and matter.

The aspirant should recognize that it is not only his physical body
which consists of deva life, but also his etheric and emotional
bodies, and that even thoughts are nothing but deva substance. It
is for this reason that the average man, still functioning on
emotional levels, remains largely under the control of astral devas,
and his objective must therefore be to liberate himself as soon as
possible from these influences, allowing the soul to dominate his
life and the Spirit to become his guide.

It is perhaps interesting to know that a group of entities has been
gathered from the ranks of the most advanced devas, who are
serving as 'guardian angels' over the human race. Each human
being has thus been furnished with his own particular guardian
angel, whose function it is to remain with him night and day,
warding off unfavourable energies which might constitute a
menace to the physical well-being of the protégé. These guardian
angels must not be confused with those spiritual helpers who on
etheric levels stand by the disciple providing him with Spiritual
support when needed and invoked. The guarding devas have much
to give to humanity, but their own attainment also lies in this kind
of service.

On hierarchical levels there is close collaboration between human
and deva evolutions. Evolved devas may be recognized on etheric
levels as great Angels, and according to the Sages at least four
groups of these Angels are assembled around the Christ, pledged
to his service and that of humanity. One of the responsibilities
with which the Christ has charged them is to make men aware of
certain concepts or conditions which today may still seem far-fetched:

1. Humanity must be taught to see etherically. This the devas will
achieve through heightening vibration by devic interaction.

2. Man must be taught the use of colour and sound for healing
certain diseases. Violet light, for instance, seems to be particularly
effective for treating disturbances originating in the etheric body.

3. Materialistic thinkers must be convinced of the existence of the
etheric worlds, where the 'spirit' of both men and angels may be

4. Men must be made aware of 'super-human physics' - how to
eliminate gravitation and attain weightlessness, and how to
eliminate fatigue by moving without resistance and with the
rapidity of thought. These 'impossible' conditions will only be
accomplished by gaining control over the etheric vehicle.

5. Humanity will be taught how to nourish the body by drawing
sustenance from etheric energy. This will mean that life activities
will increasingly have to be focused on etheric existence, with a
simultaneous withdrawing of active attention from physical
functions, allowing the latter to become largely automatic.

6. To encompass the above will involve penetrating and eventually
destroying the 'etheric web', which today still separates the
physical world of human existence so effectively from the invisible
etheric spheres.

To the ordinary human being these conceptions may seem
fantastic and even beyond all consideration, and many will
consequently ridicule these visions. But just think how impossible
many of our present day scientific inventions, such as television,
computers, electronics, nuclear power, spacecraft, etc, would
have sounded if prophesied to our forebears of only 100 years
ago. Nobody at that time would have taken any notice of such
utter nonsense!

Those with an open mind and unbiased outlook must already be
aware of the steadily spreading influence of these Deva Angels,
which is slowly but surely permeating human life, affecting its
many activities and fields of consciousness. Everywhere there are
signs of increasing psychic awareness; science is rapidly
discovering and accepting several aspects of 'extra-sensory
perception' (ESP), and these are now receiving widespread
attention. At long last science has ascertained the existence of the
etheric world (or at least certain aspects thereof), although the
scientific approach is being wrapped up in such complicated
technical terminology that it becomes nearly unrecognizable to the
esoteric student.

The existence of telepathic faculties of communication are also
being recognized, and with growing human sensitivity it is
expected that there will be a corresponding increase in the
practical application of these powers.

The fulfilment of some of these prophecies must therefore be
regarded as imminent, and it is merely a question of time before a
more refined sensitivity will be developed for recognizing the
surrounding etheric world, with its many active Entities and
influences. This will again lead to further expansion of
consciousness and a deeper comprehension of the reality of the
inner worlds.

Aart Jurriaanse, wrote a number of compilations from the books of Alice A. Bailey. Among these are: Of Life and other worlds; Prophecies; Ponder on this; Serving Humanity; The Soul; The Quality of Life; and he is also the author of Bridges which is a Commentary on these teachings.   

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