Service (3) — Money, old age, recognition
by Aart Jurriaanse

Every intelligent and balanced approach will recognize the esoteric value of money for purposes of service. There is nothing wrong as such with money, which is merely a convenient and symbolic state of temporarily converted energy or power. As with all energy, the crux of the matter is — how will it be applied? In its essence energy or money is an impersonal or blind force, and may be used for either good or evil, depending on how it is directed. Today there is some stigma attached to money, but this is only because money is involuntarily associated with so much that is evil or representative of selfish desire, greed and sharp business practice. But the time is rapidly approaching when money will, to an ever increasing extent, be applied to better purposes, to serving the genuine needs of man, and to provide those conditions which will be to his spiritual and lasting benefit.

Where in the past money might be regarded as the symbol of man’s selfishness, so in the New Age it must become the symbol of man’s goodwill, demanding a total reversal of his attitude towards it. Money must therefore be transmuted to a real spiritual asset and responsibility, thus becoming a potent means for achieving world service.

Service and old age

When the disciple reaches the years when he may normally expect to be nearing the end of another span of physical life, then there are several attitudes which may be adopted:

(a) A tired and physically worn out personality will tend to settle down, with the attitude that, having experienced a complete and comprehensive life, the time has now arrived for a period of well deserved relaxation. This will render the remaining years simply an expression of established habit, of marking time, and probably showing signs of losing some of the already acquired spiritual contact.

(b) There may be a recognition that the personality has reached its high-water mark for the present life, but there should also be the realization that in the life of the soul this is merely an intermediate phase, and that the evolution of the immortal Self never comes to a standstill.

(c) There should be no undue preoccupation with the processes of growing old, which would indicate too much emphasis on the physical being. Give the body the consideration it requires to maintain it in reasonable functioning order, but otherwise concentrate the attention on the mind, persistently feeding and programming the computer, and thus stimulating it to full and effective capacity, until the time arrives for closing down, and the soul switches off the current, liberating itself and temporarily moving on to better equipped and brighter lit apartments.

(d) Actually old age is the stage when the soul, after having garnered the experiences from a full and rich life, becomes partly relieved of many of the routine commitments of a busy life, and now stands free to serve with fewer impediments. No new problems need be undertaken, or new disciplines applied, and for the rest of his years the disciple can now quietly and steadily devote that which he has gained to the service of humanity, to the Great Ones and to the Plan. It is quite possible that under such circumstances he may cross the ‘dividing line’ with ‘continuity of consciousness’, carrying on with existing tasks and only approaching them from a different level.

Recognition of service rendered

One of the earliest lessons that the server has to learn, is that he must never look for gratitude, recognition or reward for what he is doing — he must learn to serve with impersonality. Instead of recognition for services rendered, he must even be prepared to receive ingratitude, rebuffs, direct opposition from friends and relations, and even humiliation and contumely. None of this will, however, deter the true server once he has firmly set his feet on the Path, has become aware of the light ahead, and has consciously come to the realization of his objective.

The disciple will therefore do his utmost to fulfil that small part of the Plan for which he has assumed responsibility. Having accomplished his self-set task to the best of his ability and with utter selflessness, he does not look for recognition of his action or waste time on retrospective contemplation of his mistakes, or observe with pride what he has achieved, but instead he will once again gather his forces and press forward to the next duty, the next opportunity that lies in wait for him. He will taste that inner joy of having given of the best that was within him for what he considered a worthwhile objective; he will realize that Wiser Eyes will weigh the fruit of his efforts with deeper love and appreciation than is known to man. What matters it then whether apparent results are not up to expectation or whether there is criticism or lack of understanding from his fellow human beings, providing his own soul is without reproach.

Aart Jurriaanse, wrote a number of compilations from the books of Alice A. Bailey. Among these are: Of Life and other worlds; Prophecies; Ponder on this; Serving Humanity; The Soul; The Quality of Life; and he is also the author of Bridges which is a Commentary on these teachings.   

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"Those among you who wish to serve the world have placed before them now the opportunity of all lives. May you seize it, use it to the full, and create for yourselves and your brothers a new life... Love, Justice and Sharing. Make these your aims, My friends, and know the meaning
of God."   Maitreya, the World Teacher

“I choose to identify with the underprivileged. I choose to identify with
the poor. I choose to give my life for those who have been left out of
the sunlight of opportunity. I choose to live for and with those who find
themselves seeing life as a long and desolate corridor with no exit
sign. This is the way I’m going. If it means suffering a little bit, I’m
going that way. If it means sacrificing, I’m going that way. If it means
dying for them, I’m going that way, because I heard a voice saying, Do
something for others.” Martin Luther King, Jr.


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